Share Your Intention

I came across this cool website where people share their daily intention.

Take a look at some of the intentions that were posted:

Don’t let stress dominate my weekend

I intend to be grateful, I remembered how I felt as a child always grateful for a sunny day or a friend to play with. Today I intend to practice acceptance and gratitude

Keep patience as destination approaches

Today I will judge nothing and no one

To live and love in every moment

Work in peace, work in harmony, work with joy, ease and bliss

Find my optimum health and stay focused on it

I intend to meditate more often, to cultivate focus, awareness, and willpower

To be safe, energetic, inspired

Ground myself

To be more confident in myself, my skills and my gifts.

I will not waste another moment on regret and what ifs.

Breath!! Long, deep cleansing breathes…several times a day

Be there 100% on each thing I do and not multi task

No matter how many times I fall on my journey, I will get up and begin again.

If you would like to read more go to

In the meantime feel free to share your daily intention with the 889 Community.

Mine is: Love What You Are Doing Today!

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