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Learn to Relax

The last three days I have been enjoying the start of my vacation at the cottage. Being on the lake, breathing in the fresh air and taking a break from my routine has allowed me to completely decompress. Even though I absolutely love what I do whenever

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The Quiet Practice of Yin

If you have not heard of Yin Yoga it is a wonderful practice to integrate into your weekly yoga routine. Unlike a Yang (vinyasa/flow) practice where you work your muscles a Yin practice moves beyond the muscles into the joints and deeper connective tissue of the body.

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Cultivate an Intention

By Lisa Barkin, Yoga Instructor At the beginning of my yoga class I encourage my students to pause and cultivate an intention or “sankalpa” for their practice. So what does this really mean? In Sanskrit, (An ancient language of India, serving as the root of contemporary Asian

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