Here’s what others are saying:

As an avid kick boxer and cardio fan, I never thought much of yoga and found practicing quite boring. Until I met Lisa. Lisa has completely changed my workout regimen, my body and most importantly, my entire perspective.

I now attend many of her classes, as well as taking private sessions with her. My breathing, posture and core strength have all improved tremendously. I learned that yoga can be both relaxing or strenuous, restorative or intense.

Moreover, I used to have wrist and lower back issues, which, after two years of yoga with Lisa, have all but disappeared.

Yoga is now one of my most enjoyable pastimes and I have Lisa to thank for that!

– Suzanne

Lisa’s classes are challenging, yet easy to follow; exhausting, yet invigorating.

Lisa takes each individual on his/her own journey. Everyone is invited to challenge herself on her own level, to know one’s own body and to stay within its limits, while exploring your own depths and abilities.

As a teacher, Lisa gives clear cues, exciting sequencing, and captivating classes. As a person, she is kind, caring, and generous, and that shows through in every class and interaction with her students. She makes everyone feel at ease. I always leave class feeling freer in my mind and looser in my body. Thank you Lisa for inspiring my passion in yoga and pushing me to my boundaries!

– Rena

Lisa’s passion for a safe, energetic and challenging yoga practice is reflected in the way she personally crafts each class. Her level of perfection is consistently maintained as she gently guides me through each pose. Lisa’s boundless knowledge and respect for the body coupled with her astute sense of physical and emotional awareness has created a trusting relationship. My yoga practice has become a necessity that positively impacts my life. I have to say that the hour I am with Lisa, the chatter of my mind calms down and enters a world of disciplined wellness.

– Brenda Benattar

Lisa is an amazing yoga instructor! When I am in class with Lisa, I feel like I am on a yoga retreat with the best yoga instructor in the world! As an instructor, Lisa pushes me to do things I never thought possible. Lisa is a true professional. Not only do I feel safe during the class but I also feel amazing after it. Thanks Lisa, for showing me the way to Namaste.

– Felicia Greenberg

My weekly practice with Lisa is definitely a major highlight in my week! I have that time booked off of work so that I can make sure I get there. I have practiced yoga for many years, and it is special when you find someone like Lisa who not only has such a lovely way about her, but challenges you and respects your practice as well. No matter what I feel like before I go into Lisa’s class, I leave there feeling refreshed, centered, and strong. I LOVE Lisa’s class, and feel very fortunate to have found her!

– Judy Petersiel

I have done group classes, special workshops and private sessions with Lisa and every practice with her is a gift!

Her consistent encouragement, warmth and knowledge has had such a strong impact on my love and appreciation of yoga.

– Carrie Wolfe

Doctor Jodi Larry & Lisa Barkin are a dynamic duo:
I have now attended two workshops hosted by Dr Jodi Larry and Lisa Barkin & they were informative, fun and life-changing.

The first was a Yoga Detox Workshop on January 28th held at Yoga Tree midtown. I must say I learned quite a bit from this workshop and had a few ‘aha’ moments. Dr. Jodi is an eloquent speaker, simplifying complex principles and making everyone feel at ease. She is charismatic and uses engaging and sometimes humourous examples and stories which make us remember her key points — clever !

I was able to incorporate some of her suggestions immediately and they actually made a difference in my life. It’s interesting how a few small adjustments can make a world of difference. Dr Larry can show you the path for your own well-being – giving you the tools to take responsibility for your health.

Lisa Barkin’s yoga class was sublime — she is so attentive to everyone in the class, she makes it a point to remember everyone’s name – it’s her thing and it’s outstanding. She gave us inspirational ideas throughout the class to help us focus and get more out of each posture. Incredible teacher.

Today, I was at the Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga Workshop and again it was awesome, even awesomer (I know that’s not even a word).

The yin class with Lisa was the best I’ve ever experienced — so deeply connected and moving, an incredible experience.

Dr. Larry took us through chinese medicine as it applies to the spleen and stomach. It ‘s fascinating to learn these new concepts. Many things you can apply directly after and they are common-sense (yes, as they say not so common).

I highly recommend you try a workshop lead by this dynamic duo – they are young, spiritual and really rock.

I’m a fan for life.

– Claire Lemieux-Lamarche

My daughter and I met Jodi and Lisa at their first workshop on Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga at Spynga.

I was familiar with Yin Yoga by then – and very much intrigued by Chinese Medicine.

Jodi spoke about the Liver, and provided great hand outs which proved to be useful for reviewing the material. Her workshop was followed by Lisa’s wonderful Yin Session.

We found both ladies knowledgeable and approachable so we have kept our eyes open for other workshops. Furthermore, my family and I have joined Jodi for a Detox session which proved to be beneficial to all of us. We have also seen her privately. Her advice on supplementation has been sound and helpful.

Finally, this winter, we were able to attend another one of Jodi’s and Lisa’s Workshops – with a focus on the stomach and the digestive system.

This time, I was slightly hesitant about going because I had an ongoing issue with my ITB and did not want to aggravate it during yoga.

However, Lisa was not only ready with modification but her suggestion helped with the problem immediately and I was able to get through the session without discomfort. Jodi’s workshop offered a different look at the digestive system and we gained a lot out of the session.

I am looking forward to future opportunities.

– Kathy