Lisa Barkin

Certified Yoga Instructor

Lisa personifies yoga living, whether leading a class in downtown Toronto or doing a headstand unobserved on the dock at the cottage.

While her personal history reflects an insatiable passion for movement and fitness, it is her personal philosophy and ability to balance life’s elements that make her an effective yoga instructor.

Her childhood achievements as a competitive gymnast and swimmer were the catalyst and a natural precursor to embracing yoga. She experienced her first yoga class in her 20s and loved how it drew on alchemy of strength, flexibility and balance. She was hooked.

In 2008, Lisa took her 200-hour Yoga Teacher’s Training at Sypnga in Toronto. In 2009, she continued her studies with Janice Clarfiled, taking her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification for conscious birthing as well her Yin Yoga Certification with Tracey Belanger Soghrati.

Lisa brings to her students not only sound technique on which to base their practice, but also provides a safe, nurturing environment in which they can challenge themselves. Her classes are not just about stretching the body, but also about expanding horizons. She is a committed instructor who presents music-based asana classes. She creates a feeling of well-being and empowerment in sincere, natural and authentic yoga classes. It’s not only about the physical practice but lifting the spirit as well. Participants can then share this gift with the world.

Lisa is a graduate of Queen’s University who enjoyed 15 years of success in corporate recruiting. Always a positive thinker, she decided to shift away from high-tech bundles to high-energy bundles, transforming her love for yoga into a career. Her English degree contributes to strong communication skills – so valuable in the intelligent sequencing and clear cuing she employs that students can easily follow.

Lisa feels privileged to learn from the community of teachers including Tracey Belanger Soghrati, Sari Nisker, Sadie Nardini and Michael Siddall as well as her students and everybody she connects with on a daily basis. Her belief in maximizing potential by integrating mind, body and soul truly motivates others to achieve their goals.